Putting nervous dental patients at ease through pain-free sedation techniques.

Welcome to the Frays Dental Sedation and Anxiety Centre

Frays Dental Sedation and Anxiety Centre. We provide superb facilities for treating patients who are nervous or have dental phobias. We provide oral sedation and inhalation sedation but our preferred method is intravenous (conscious) sedation. Each technique works in a slightly different way, but all promote temporary or transient memory loss and provide complete relaxation for the duration of your dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry is a simple procedure that uses carefully regulated medication to induce relaxation, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. It is ideal for use during treatments that are long, complex or potentially painful.

The staff at the Frays Dental Sedation and Anxiety Centre will manage your anxiety from the moment you enter the practice. A calming interior is complemented by our caring and conscientious team who take every care to explain your procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Any patient can visit us at Frays Dental Sedation and Anxiety Centre or, with the permission of your own dentist, we can arrange for a sedationist to visit your regular practice.

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Frays Dental Sedation & Anxiety Centre
  • “I had a great experience with you. The sedation went without incident and you took the time to explain the procedure, the effect, the time and also post procedure experience. If I ever have to complete a similar procedure again I would not hesitate to use your services.”

  • "I used to suffer from dental phobia, and it was a nightmare for me when I knew that my wisdom tooth should be removed. Dr G. Aggarwal is very friendly and patient, she was able to absorb my fear and phobia before, on the day, and after treatment. I did not feel any pain during the treatment or even after. I highly recommend."  

  • “I suffer with a painful TMJ. Conscious sedation helped me make the implant procedure both bearable and pain free. I would certainly recommend it.”